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Chairman Message

Founder Chairman

SRDM is both large in size and reputation. We have demonstrated impressive performance on account of almost all parameters. Key factors in our growth have been superior quality students’ intake, high quality career and culture. At SRDM, perspective on learning is different. As an institute we recognize that professional education is about thinking and doing. An important element of our learning is how you learn to drive yourself and deliver. SRDM possesses a vibrant and talented community of students who are actively involved in various conferences, seminars, workshops, group activities, competitions and cultural events. In this process, they learn to effectively handle group dynamics and interpersonal relationships. With diverse thinking processes, they take decisions while working in teams with mutual respect.

All these efforts are accomplished with the help of a highly qualified and dedicated team of faculty where there is a judicious blend of academic and industry background. We are confident that young men and women will do their best through diligent and innovative work to become next generation professionals. Good Luck and Best of Time at SRDM.

Founder Chairman